This is the most important question that you can ask!. We can make suggestions based on what information is provided by you at your free discovery consultation, we can also contact your primary care physician and ask for his recommendations. For assisted living and memory care communities there will be an assessment done by the communities of your choice to see what types of care will be needed, and the price will be adjusted according unless you choose an all-inclusive community.

Cost fluctuates from community to community and is based on lifestyle, location and type of care that is or might be needed if any.

There are some hidden benefits out there that most seniors and their families are unaware of.  We will discuss all of your available options and we will even assist you in filing for those benefits.

When your spend down reaches about 2 years left of funding one of our senior living solution partners will assist you in filing for your Medicaid benefits. When the time comes and your benefits are approved  we will continue our journey together. We will sit down and reevaluate the current need and find you the best available community that excepts Medicaid  if your current one does not.

We have valued partners that specialize in senior moving
and down sizing. They will sit down with you and come up with a plan based on the unit size you are moving in to, and the amount of furnishing you intend to take with you. 

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