Choosing an Independent Community

Choosing an Independent Community

Choosing an Independent Community

You have a dilemma! The home you raised your children in, the place you came home to for 30 years, and the yard you manicured, is now too much to manage. You no longer have the desire or energy to weed the flower bed, lug the vacuum upstairs, do the grocery shopping and listen to your neighbor’s car stereo booming at night. But maybe the memories of this place stretch your entire adult life. Your kids took their first steps in the living room. Your grandkids love playing in the oak-shaded backyard. So, what should you do?

Making the decision to move into something more manageable can be overwhelming and is not easy at first. Once you see the necessity and you start thinking about the possibilities of a new life in an independent living community, you may feel like a weight has been lifted and the future is starting to look brighter. Making that decision and selecting an independent living community that suits your needs and falls within your budget can be an overwhelming and time consuming task.  Working with a reputable NO COST TO YOU referral agency like The Right Senior Living Solution can make the world of difference in finding the perfect new home.

Choosing to move to an independent living community takes careful consideration, especially if it means you'll need to sell your home. As you work with your senior living advisor and mull over the different types independent living to choose from, don't forget to talk to any friends who may have already moved into an independent living community. Their first-hand stories might make deciding a bit easier.

You'll likely hear a range of stories about why they decided to make the move, as everyone has their own reasons for choosing independent living.

Here are a few common ones:

  • You want to spend your retirement years amongst your peers and living life.
  • You no longer wish to or have the strenght to care for an entire property.
  • You're looking for a built-in support network where help and guidance are always around.
  • You can care for yourself without assistance but like the idea of prepared meals, a cleaning service, and a laundry service.
  • You want to participate in social, educational, and fitness activities with friends without having to drive around.
  • You want to move closer to your loved ones but don't want to buy a house.

Speak with your local senior living avisor and they will help you make the decision between independent living and assisted living, and maybe consider a continuing care retirement community. That way, you aren't entirely locked into one or the other. You can transition into assisted living or out of it while staying in the same community.

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