A Little About George & Adele

A Little About George & Adele

A Little About George & Adele

The Who:

Hello, we are George and Adele Smith. We fell into the senior living workspace by complete surprise during the 2008 economic turn down. Adele was a Massage and Reflexology Therapist, and I ran a small advertising business in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We had a scheduled vacation to Siesta Key FL that year and debated whether we should still go amid all of the financial uncertainty that lied ahead us. We met a couple at the front desk of the resort who told us that it was their first day on the job and that they were so excited to start a new chapter in their lives. We were very intrigued at the thought of starting something new and running a resort in Florida "well that seemed too good to be true” The couple told us they found the position on a website called Working Couples. Over the vacation we talked about working together and how that would look for us. When we returned to Pennsylvania I went on the website and posted our resumes. One week later we were interviewing in Boyertown PA for one of the largest senior living companies in the United States, two weeks after that we were in Denton, TX training for a Live in Manager couple position. Three weeks after that we started as live in managers at a 142-unit independent living community in Harrisburg PA.

The Why:

Adele and I instantly fell in love with the community and especially the seniors we served. Adele and I often talk about all the wonderful people we have met and the amazing lives that they have led, and how it has enriched our own lives. In our fifteen years of working with seniors we have come across so many families from across so many walks of life and with numerous array of family dynamics that they face in making such a monumental life changing decision. Finding a safer easier way of living does not have to be a pain staking and time consuming ordeal when you have us by your side. We wanted to do more and help families alleviate the emotional stress, guilt, and the financial unknowns that they may face in making such an overwhelming decision. We collaborated with so many online senior advisor and referral companies that sent us names of people looking for senior living. We realized that all of these wonderful folks had to figure it all out on their own with a list of communities furbished by a major online agency. The emotional reward we feel when we help seniors and their families find their perfect new home can only be self-described as "Sensational"

The How:

Adele and I take this life changing event very seriously and have helped hundreds of seniors and their families live a better and more fulfilling life. We meet families on their schedules and in a place of their choosing to ensure that they are at ease and as comfortable as possible. Building the relationship and trust with our clients is one of the most important parts of our process in finding the right solution that meets our clients’ needs and expectations. After discussing the needs, wants and desires of our clients we will make a recommendation as to the style of living that best suit their needs. After identifying the communities that best suit the desired lifestyle Adele and I will then schedule visits or video tours of these communities based on our client’s availability. Adele and I have long standing relationships with the communities and their corporate entities and will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get every move in incentive that is available. Once our clients have chosen a community as their new home, we will then collaborate with our clients to schedule the movers. For our families working long distance for their loved ones we will gladly do all the footwork needed to ensure a smooth transition.

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